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Release: Molinaro Silent on Trump Indictment

On Thursday, Donald Trump was indicted in federal court on 37 counts. Congressman Marc Molinaro’s House Speaker has railed against the Justice Department in response, and several of his Republican colleagues have openly called for war in what experts say could inspire political violence. Yet nearly four days later, Molinaro remains silent about the criminal charges filed against his party’s 2024 Presidential frontrunner, with whom he will share a ballot, and his allies’ dangerous rhetoric.

“The allegations against President Trump indicate disregard for national security, disrespect for law enforcement, and disdain for our system of justice,” said Josh Riley. “If these allegations are proven true in a court of law, they are disqualifying for the Presidency, and Marc Molinaro’s refusal to say that unequivocally is disqualifying for Congress.”

“No one should be surprised that Marc Molinaro refuses to take a stand now — it’s the same song and dance he’s done to further his political career for the last 30 years,” said Riley Campaign Manager Daniel Fleiss. “Either Molinaro truly believes that, after all of this, Donald Trump should be President of the United States, or he’s so desperate to please his MAGA donors and cling to power that he’ll look the other way while Trump jeopardizes our national security. Upstate New York deserves better.”